Suitcase Junket

Sunday, May 28, 2017 7:00PM

Suitcase Junket
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Commune (formerly Work|Release), 759 Granby Street, Norfolk
This one-man band is no street-corner thumper—he’s an insightful songwriter, impressive multi-instrumentalist and thrilling to witness. “What’s impressive is not merely the complexity of the endeavor—Lorenz sings, strums and plays up to four instruments with his feet at once—but how utterly he is able to transcend the mechanical minutiae. Close your eyes, and you’ll hear a garage rock band, complete with a drum set and growling, overdriven guitars. Lorenz writes athletic songs with indelible hooks, and he can bring it down, too, picking out warbling melodies with his fingers” (WBUR 90.9).